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Our Privacy Policy and Commitment to Protecting Your Privacy

Impres Inc. values your privacy and will treat your information with great care as dictated by our Privacy Policy. We respect your trust and want you to be aware of our commitment to protect the information you share in the course of doing business with us. Impres Inc. reserves the right to change its Privacy Policy without notice. We strongly suggest you review our Privacy Policy on a regular basis.

How We Collect, Use and Disclose Your Information

By utilizing our web-based application or any other resume submission process you share personal information and agree with the terms of our Privacy Policy and to the collection, use or disclosure of your information as indicated in our policy.

We primarily collect your personal information so that your eligibility for employment as a pharmaceutical sales representative with existing and/or prospective clients of Impres Inc. can be assessed.

We also understand that applicants are seeking additional career opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry. As such, we may share your personal information with organizations that we believe could assist you in achieving this goal.

Upon employment, information will be disclosed to third party companies under contract with Impres Inc. and governmental agencies for the purposes of:

  • Salesforce integration
  • Performance analysis
  • Acting as required or authorized by law

We will occasionally use your personal information to let you know of any upcoming pharmaceutical sales positions that may become available. Please informour Privacy Officer if you would rather not receive this kind of information.

What We Will NOT DO With Your Information

We do not sell candidate, employee or client information to anyone.

We Strive to Protect Your Information

All employees, independent consultants, and contracted clients who are granted access to placement or employee records understand the need to keep this information protected and confidential. They know that said information is to be used only for the purposes intended. This expectation is clearly communicated.

Impres Inc. has established both physical and systems safeguards, along with the proper processes, to protect representative, employee and client information. Personal information will be disposed of via shredding when said information is no longer required by law.

We make every reasonable effort to ensure that your personal information is used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. However, we are not responsible for improper use of your personal information outside of our control. While we offer links to other websites, we are not responsible for their policies, content or operations.

Your Privacy Choices

Implied consent can be withdrawn at any time, subject to legal or contractual obligations, by providing Impres Inc. reasonable notice or by contacting our Privacy Officer. Please be aware that the withdrawal of consent may render it impossible for Impres Inc. to fulfill its contractual obligations to both the employee and the contracted client.

If More Information is Required

If more information is required about our Privacy Policy and procedures, please contact our Privacy Officer at: