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The need for flexible and customized communication strategies continues to be more important than ever before. Impres' multi-channel services leverage our proprietary technology and industry "know how" to effectively communicate with stakeholders virtually. Through virtual phone calls, webinar presentations, and email communications Impres can help to ensure that an optimized customer centric communication strategy is established. More than ever before, our virtual expertise is being called upon to complement field force efforts and/or stand-alone initiatives. We have worked to shape effective hybrid selling models and can help you customize a program to best meet your needs. Our Multi-Channel service offerings include:

  • Virtual Sales Representatives (VSRs)
  • Virtual Medical Science Liaisons (vMSLs)
  • Virtual Customer Service
  • Remote Regions, White Space Coverage
  • Temporary Vacancy Management
  • Email Consent Programs
  • Sampling Programs
  • Product Recalls
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