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Over the past 15 years, we have been perfecting our proprietary life sciences CRM, IMVision. With a disciplined focus on the end-user experience and optimizing customer engagement, IMVision has solidified itself as a true value added tool that maximizes productivity. While many CRMs are perceived as burdens to representatives and inflexible to business needs, IMVision enables representatives to perform at their highest level through an agile smart CRM system. Different from expensive "out of the box" CRM systems, IMVision is specialized and flexible to ensure unique business needs are met. Uniquely, Impres uses IMVision with our internal sales representatives in addition to external partners and this first hand usage drives insights and improvements every year. The customized real time reporting drives actionable insights providing both the field and management with best-in-class intelligence - so only the very best strategic decisions are made. Be prepared to experience a CRM like never before! Below you will find some of the features of our IMVision system:

  • Smart, Intelligent Algorithms
  • Visual Territory Management
  • A-La-Cart Module Selections
  • Key Account Management Module
  • Specialty/Hospital Representative Module
  • Primary Care Representative Module
  • Medical, Medical Science Liaison Module
  • Consumer, Pharmacy Module
  • Multi-Channel, Virtual Module
  • Business Plan Module
  • Direct Ordering
  • Market Research, Surveys
  • Customized Reporting & Analytics Portal
  • Unlimited Customization Flexibility
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